The Poor, Disabled, and Helpless Under Capitalism

Author’s note: The following is a section from chapter 6, “A Civilized Society: The Necessary Conditions,” in my book Loving Life: The Morality of Self-Interest and the Facts that Support It. This section comes after I’ve shown how the principle of individual rights is derived from observation and logic, how pure (laissez-faire) capitalism protects rights by banning physical force from social relationships, and how a capitalist legal system adjudicates disputes by reference to objective, rights-protecting laws. —CB

Since capitalism is the only social system in which the courts uphold the principles of objective law—since it is the only social system in which the government protects individual rights (including property rights)—since it is the only social system in which people can act fully according to their own judgment and thus live fully as human beings—capitalism is the only moral social system. . . .

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